Bulk SMS to 90+ countries

Basic features of our Instant Bulk SMS

Deliver to 90+ countries


100% Delivery

Best Reseller Programe

Lot of Add-Ons

For common users of Bulk SMS


Send Single SMS


Send Group SMS


Schedule SMS

Delivery Report


Promotional SMS


Transactional SMS


Dynamic Sender ID

Online Payment

For IT Companies & Web Developers

Connect our APIs with your website or software to send SMS automatically from your website or software


API to send SMS


API to check delivery report

Single API for 90+ countries

99.9% up time

For DEMO account

To try our services before purchase, kindly signup in prioritysms.a4add.com. We will provide you with demo SMS to test and confirm our service.
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Reseller Panel – Make an extra Income

Become a reseller of bulksms business and start selling SMS to +90 countries.

Buy 1,00,000 SMS and become a reseller. Earn min 25,000/- per month

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Earn min 25,000/- monthly

White label panel

30min process

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