Static website vs Dynamic website

Compare the features of your existing site with®‘s website.



Static website

Dynamic website

FontAwesome_f007(0)_32 Domain name Extra FREE
Entypo_e754(0)_32 Hosting Extra FREE
Entypo_e771(0)_32 Time for making website 1-4 weeks 5-30min
Entypo_d83d(0)_32 Business Listing(B2B) No FREE
linecons_e020(0)_32 Cost of the website Per page No
FontAwesome_f044(0)_32 Content Management System(CMS) No Yes
Entypo_d83c(0)_32 Designer Support Required Not required
linecons_e009(0)_32 Search Engine Optimization(SEO) No Yes
Entypo_2b06(0)_32 Search Engine Marketing(SEM) No Yes
FontAwesome_f06e(0)_32 Theme – Website look and feel No Yes
linecons_e01b(0)_32 Header Image No Yes
FontAwesome_f16c(0)_32 Logo upload No Yes
Entypo_d83c(0)_32 Image Gallery Extra cost Yes
FontAwesome_f008(0)_32 Video Extra cost in hosting Yes
Entypo_2712(0)_32 Internet Marketing Features No Yes
FontAwesome_f155(0)_32 Renewal cost High Normal
Typicons_e0f4(0)_32 Renewal Reminder No Yes(1-5 times)
FontAwesome_f046(0)_32 Earn money No Yes
FontAwesome_f0c0(0)_32 Reselling Business No Yes
icomoon_e609(0)_32 Contact us page No Yes
linecons_e012(0)_32 Google Map No Yes
Entypo_e73a(0)_32 Blog No Yes
Entypo_e718(0)_32 SMS No Yes