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Rs. 1,599/- ($26)

Personal Website Package Features


24+1Business listing 24+12 Forms 24+1Gallery page
24+1Shopping Cart 24+1Banner and slider option 24+1Google Map
24+1Reports 24+12 Email ID with 10GB 24+11 Layer menu style
24+13 Pages 24+112 months validity 24+10.5GB Storage/Hosting
24+1Theme selection option 24+1Social media option

You can add more options through addons

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Rs. 3,999/- ($65)

Business Website Package Features


24+1Business listing 24+12 Forms 24+1Gallery page
24+1Shopping Cart with 10 Products 24+1Banner and slider option 24+1Social Bookmarks
24+110 Email ids 24+15GB Email storage /User 24+1Reports Option
24+15 Pages/ 5 menus 24+112 months validity 24+1Theme selection option
24+1Google Analytics 24+11GB Storage/Hosting 24+1Google map

You can add more options through addons

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Rs. 29,999/- ($488)

Business + Website Package Features


24+1Advanced SEO 24+1Banner Ads 24+1Internet Marketing
24+1Shopping Cart 24+15GB File sharing option 24+1Designer Support
24+115 Emails ids & google mail 24+1Full domain & Sub domain 24+1PPC Management
24+1100 Pages 24+112 months validity 24+1Unique theme
24+1Reselling panel 24+15GB Storage/Hosting 24+1Technical Support

You can add more options through addons

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Rs. 0.00/-

Free Website Package Features


24+1Business listing 24+15Mb storage 24+1Gallery page
24+1Google Map 24+1Banner option 24+1Commenting option
24+1Basic SEO 24+1Email option with 100Mb 24+12 Layer menu style
24+11 Pages 24+16 months validity 24+1 Theme selection option

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Business +


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All the disabled properties can be activated using Addons




Editing your website

Edit your website with our help of a programmer or design. You can see all your changes in real time using our simple visual editor.


For all purpose

Whether you are a individual person or professional or celebrities, we have a dynamic website for you.


Lots of addons

Use our selection of components to add extra email, hosting, domain, pages, file storage, SMS and so much more to your website.


Different look and feel

With over 100 themes, and the ability to create custom themes, your website will always have that custom look.


Shopping cart

Add a simple shopping cart in your website to promote your products details. Accept payment through your website, its easy!


Add anything

Add anything in your website, videos, images, social media…etc


Complete solution

Make your e-mail as name@yourDomain. com with custom domain name ( You can transfer your registered domain.


Website in minutes

Maximum 15 minutes required for website!® website dynamic builder designed to build and manage a website quickly and at great price.


Save your money

You don’t need to find and pay for web designer, HTML coder, hosting provider, domain name or download any software.


No technical knowledge required

Create and manage your dynamic website without any technical knowledge. Save money by not appointing a programmer or designer for you!

Create a website in minutes and increase sale!

Compare the features of your existing static website with®‘s website.



One site in one place!®® gives you a chance to understand how to build a website, host it, and get your domain name registered, with unlimited emails, pages, contact forms, google map and many other features included. Website builder is not just the set of editing tools; it is an all in solution for business people like you. Do not invest thousands of dollars for one website, just spend a minimal amount for maximum features. Our Package includes all the necessary features and add-on’s to get your on-line business succeed.




time of website Time for making website 5-30min 1-4 weeks
a4add business Business Listing(B2B) Yes No
a4add internet marketing Internet Marketing Features Yes No
a4add reseller Reselling Business Yes No
a4add sms SMS Yes No
a4add support 24/7 Support Yes No
a4add products Range of Products Available Not available
a4add knowledge Technical Knowledge Not required Required
a4add maintance Maintance Not required Required

 We are listing all our products for your Business


Personal or Business website

Online tool for create online resume or profile or business or personal website for individuals, professionals(Doctors, Engineers, Movie makers, Directors, Writers, students…etc) and business.

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Website Reseller panel

Online reseller panel to sell instant website with lot of addons. Start your Business now!

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Bulk SMS Reseller panel

Online SMS panel for send SMS, Schedule SMS, Group SMS, DND SMS, resell SMS…etc

a4add all a4add all a4add all

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a4add bulk email

Bulk Email Reseller panel

Online email panel for send email, Schedule email, Group email, inbox delivery…etc


a4add voice message

Bulk Voice Reseller panel

Online panel for send voice calls to mobile or land phone in India. Customers can use their own voice for send bulk call


a4add domain hosting reseller

Domain & Hosting reseller panel

India’s first online reseller panel for Domain and Hosting

a4add all

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a4add website builder

Website Builder

Create website in minutes and get own domain name, Content manager, hosting, business listing, email, themes, internet marketing.

a4add all

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a4add business listing

Business/Yellow Listing

Get more web traffic to your website or product. List your business in® to spread the business in and all other search engines

a4add all

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a4add banner ad

Online Banner Advertising

List you image, flash banner in India’s best online marketing tool’s free websites(more than 1,000,000 websites and counting) and business directory

a4add all

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a4add streaming

Live video streaming

Live streaming using our online streaming panel. Show your live wedding, events, conference…etc videos live to other

a4add 360

360 Photography or Virtual tour

360 photography or virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of video or still images. They also may use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text.

a4add all

a4add business listing

Yellow page Reseller panel

Online reseller panel for resell Business listing(B2B) and yellow page listing

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